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Give Me A Beautiful Woman!

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

There was a beautiful woman lying on my bed.

She lay there quietly, her beautiful cheeks flushed red. Her long eyelashes trembled, and her snow-white neck looked as if it was crafted of white jade. The white and full legs under her short, pink skirt had kicked away the blanket, leaving them in the open.

Seeing that seductive body, I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This woman was a natural beauty.

“Miss, please wake up!”

I shook her arm, but there was no reaction. I sighed, and just as I was about to leave, she suddenly woke up, and hugged me around my neck. She started to cry as she said, “Why do you have to treat me like this… Why do you have to treat me like this…”

She seemed to be in grief, and her warm tears quickly dampened my shirt. I felt quite awkward, and felt two round and soft mounds pressing into my chest. I was at a loss as to what to do, so I put my arm around her and hugged her. Her fragrance filled my nose, causing me to feel intoxicated.

She sobbed quietly, and her delicate shoulders trembled as she pressed against me.

I could almost feel tears coming out. Thank you, god!

I’m just a normal guy, so I had always hoped that I could be with a beautiful woman someday. However, that was just a fantasy of mine. And now, in front of me, was the most beautiful woman I had seen in all 24 years of my life. Could it be that the heavens pitied me, and gave me this rich and beautiful woman?

However, reality was not as I expected. Just as I was about to take things further, the woman suddenly pushed me away as she sobbed, “I’m so hungry…”

I was speechless. Was she crying because she was hungry?

As such, I got up, and so did she. When she looked at me closely, she suddenly yelled out.


My second-hand keyboard was smashed onto my head, and I was pushed out of the room. With a slam, my door was closed and locked!

“Eh? This is my home, right…”

I stood in shock for a few moments, before knocking on the door, “Miss, let me in! Miss, don’t do this!”

There was no response. I ran to the balcony, and looked through the glass. She was covered by my blanket as she slept soundly. She was just as beautiful when she slept.


I sat on the ground. What was going on?

I looked over, and saw that the woman’s things were still in the living room. There was a half-empty bottle of wine, as well as a round thing in a bag, which I had no idea what it was.

As such, out of curiosity, I went over to have a look. I was shocked to find that it was one of those game helmets that was often promoted on the web!

There were 2 big words printed on the game helmet: Spirit of Grief!


I felt even more shocked. It was a game helmet for Spirit of Grief!

Half a year ago, the advertising for a certain game sent the entire world into excitement. This was because one of the biggest gaming companies, the Eternal Moon Corporation, had spent 10 years on creating a new game. It was described by players all over the world to be “incomparable” – Spirit of Grief!

According to the news, Spirit of Grief used the most advanced “body-brainwave-bridging” technology, which could stimulate players’ senses, making virtual reality seem completely like actual reality! Moreover, it had exciting storylines, a fantastic equipment system, as well as many beautiful women!

As such, as the previous game went into decline, players around the world began to focus on Spirit of Grief. Many professional players and groups were already starting to sell the gaming equipment for the previous games, preparing to establish themselves in Spirit of Grief!

Today was the day before Spirit of Grief opened. To everyone who was interested in the game, it was an incredibly important day!

Who is this woman in my room? Could it be that I saved the wrong person?

Oh, I forgot to say why this woman was in my room. This all started a few minutes ago-

I don’t know when the white BMW stopped outside my building.

I ignored it, but then I heard some laughter downstairs. I looked over, and saw a few hooligans surrounding the BMW. I heard one of them say, “It’s a woman. How about we steal the car, and take the lady inside. Heheh, she looks pretty good…”

Immediately, my heart thumped. Weren’t these hooligans taken away by the police last time? Why were they back?

As such, I ran down as fast as I could, and quickly came to the BMW

When the hooligans saw me, they laughed, asking, “What do you want, kid?”

I felt disgusted, and squeezed through their group. I pulled the handle of the car, and with a ‘ka’, the door opened.

Immediately, the smell of wine, as well as the fragrance of a young lady came out!

I looked down, and was dumbfounded to see a beautiful woman sitting in the driver’s seat. She was leaning back on her chair, and her face was simply breath-taking. Her sleek and beautiful neck, as well as the proud peaks under her shirt made me gasp in awe.

The woman was around 20 years old. She was holding a bottle of wine, an expensive type that I had seen many times, but had never dared to buy before. Her other hand was gripping a bag, with something round in it.

At the same time, the hooligans also saw this beautiful woman. They gasped, and one of them immediately said, “What are you doing? We found her first!”

I turned around, and coldly said, “Piss off, she’s my girlfriend!”

The hooligan immediately raised his voice, “Bullshit, you have a girlfriend who drives a BMW, and yet you’re still living here? Let go of her, or I’ll call the police!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Call the police? Sure, go ahead. If you won’t call them, I will!”

As I spoke, I picked up the pink phone lying on the side seat. It was probably the woman’s.

Immediately the hooligans panicked, and one of them said, “Alright, you said she’s your girlfriend? Take her upstairs then!”

I paused momentarily in shock. Goddamnit, it seemed that I had to follow through with this…

Seeing that these hooligans weren’t going to give up so easily, I gritted my teeth and put my arm around the woman’s waist. I picked her up, and because she was so drunk, she could only lay on my shoulder.


I took out the car keys, closed the door and locked the car. I took her upstairs as the hooligans behind me muttered, “This beauty can’t really be that guy’s girlfriend, right?”


After I finally got back to my apartment, I opened my bedroom’s door and put the woman on my bed.

Just like that, a beautiful woman came to be on my bed.


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