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  1. Supporting on Patreon not only gives you access to bonus chapters INSTANTLY, but you can also receive other cool rewards: 
  2. Donating to our paypal: Every $50, we will release a bonus chapter! Donations push forward the release schedule for everyone, which means that if we receive $50 in donations, the public chapters, $10 Patreon Tier and the $25+ Patreon Tier will all receive a bonus chapter within the next few hours!
  3. Disabling your adblock: a significant portion of our revenue comes from ads. All of our ads are non-intrusive and will not affect your reading of the novels 🙂
  4. Clicking on ads that you’re interested in: Instead of going to the actual website, if you see an ad that you’re genuinely interested in, click on it! This generates ad revenue for us, and takes you to the website directly


If you make a donation, please let us know what name you would like us to put for your sponsor name (or if you’d like to remain anonymous) 🙂

Shura’s Wrath
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0 Replies to “Support Us”

    1. Ahh sorry about that- QZFS hasn’t joined us for very long, and no one pointed this out to us yet. We’ll be putting up a separate bar for QZFS, thanks for letting us know 🙂

      1. If you want to step up a little, you can get people to “donate” by having them complete a survey, and you get paid $1 for each survey submitted. Just upload an empty textfile to a PPD website and give the link to people to download, as an alternative to donating.

        I’m not keen on donating but I don’t mind doing a survey once a week.

        Ref Link:
        PPD is a website like mediafire, but instead of offering free downloads it’s paid downloads for the uploader.

        1. Thanks very much for your suggestion 🙂 We’ll definitely look into it.

          Just wondering, are the surveys the type where you just complete a few questions (for free), or is it one of those that require a phone number and you need to pay SMS charges?

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