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  1. Any chance you could add the chapters that you guys translated onto this page as well?
    I know you’ve put them in the top bar, but that’s a bit intuitive.

    Reason I’m requesting is because when I recommend this novel to others and provide this link, the guys are always telling me…
    “They don’t have any new chapters. They only have a link to 1-88.”
    Its quite frustrating to point each of them to the top bar for the chapters.

  2. Did you guys translate chapter 108 of SW? Cuz when I click to go to the next chapter it directed me to chapter 108 for God and Devil World.

    1. No, we haven’t dropped this series. In fact, we’re doing an 8 chapter release this week for Christmas!

      24/12 Christmas Eve: 112, 113, 114
      25/12 Christmas: 115, 116, 117
      26/12 Boxing Day: 118, 119

      1. I love your translations. Have you considered getting your updates linked on Aho Updates? I follow that for all of my light novels and that’s how I originally found Shura’s Wrath from the previous translation group.

        I imagine it would help your views a good deal.

  3. Thank you for translating this novel . It got dropped twice already so please don’t drop this novel in future. What is the translation rate and total raw chapters

  4. Thanks for translating this series! If you could, may you add a comment section/enable commenting for the chapters?

    Hohoho, could this be the rise of a new master chef, within the ranks of Iron Chef Weed (LMLS) and Magic Chef Satou (Death March)?

  5. At what time do you release new chapters as well as what dates?
    p.s if you could add dates of when the each chapter was release next to them it would help readers be able to predict when your going to release the next chapter, thxs for reading love the work.

    1. It’s difficult to set release dates, because how busy translators and editors are varies from week to week. That being said though, we try to release all 4 chapters on or before the Friday of each week, (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) although we can’t always guarantee this.

      Thanks for your support!

      1. i think that is what he means. also i didn’t know this was dropped where i was reading it so i waited a couple of weeks and didnt see anything, googled it and found here, thanks for picking it up n translating it so far, it is a good novel and quite fun to read.

  6. Hey
    Thanks for the chapters.
    The adfly links doesn’t work for me x.x
    “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at adf.ly.” -that’s what it shows.
    i even disabled my adblock.

  7. I know everyone gets busy every once in a while, but don’t you think it’s been quite a while since the last release? I mean, this is one of the longest gaps you’ve ever taken recently and I’m just a bit anxious because I really love this novel.

    I know not all translators can be like Deathblade from ISSTH and frankly I can’t expect anyone to be THAT dedicated, but please if possible try to let us know if you’re going to take extended breaks. It keeps our minds a bit more calm and lowers the disappointment substantially.

  8. hey love this novel…… is there any other way to support this site other than donating( well its complicated)…

    1. Of course, and that’s completely understandable πŸ™‚ You can support by clicking on the adfly links, or simply by leaving the series a positive review on sites such as novelupdates.com if you really enjoy reading πŸ™‚

      1. For some reason, the Adfly links don’t work for me πŸ™ I think I’ll go leave a review instead πŸ™‚

        1. Haha yeah I clicked on that adfly shit, and it tried to say oh your software is out of date and popped a download link up… Yep that’s exactly why I don’t trust ad companies.

  9. Ok, simple question (I hope): does simple clicking on the add.ly. links support you guys, or is it a requirement to go through some of the adds and such, I know this may sound stupid, but just want to be sure I’m actually supporting you guys in translating this awesome novel, especially since you’re doing such a great job. Thanks, and have a good day.

      1. Oh boy.. oh boy.. im at chap 387 and.. boy.. this story is straight 10/10.. at the point of translated chapters it’s like 4/10.. oh boy this story becomes one of the best out here.. Merci for the translation πŸ™‚

  10. the link at the bottom of chapter 269 that is supposed to lead to chapter 270 just loops back to the top of chapter 269. Just thought you might want to know. Great job keeping this up for so long, by the way. I’ve marathoned all 270 current chapters within the past 3 days. Looking forward to the next chapter, and thanks for your hard work!

  11. Hello^^, I don’t know if it had been already said but there is a bug with the PC version of you web site.
    1. I don’t see the chapter 301/302 and 303 that you have update
    2. I can pass to chap 300 to 301 and the other by the link because of the last β€˜/’ that is missing .
    That all I find and that will help you

    And tks for the TS you do, it’s nice to have something to do during class ^^

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