Delivery Man will be gone Thursday 17 September – Sunday 20 September

I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I will be moving across the country on Thursday. This is mainly why updates have slowed down the past couple of days due to packing, etc.

During this time period I likely will not have much internet access so don’t expect chapters, but I’ll be back on track starting Monday next week. The rest of the team might also be able to do a chapter or two while I’m gone depending on how much free time Crimson-Iris has.

Chapter 80 is out!!

Hey guys, KaiserDog here.

First and foremost, thank you for the translation work that is done on this series. Without the awesome and hard work of Crimson-Iris and DeliveryMan we wouldnt even have this series to read. So again, a big round of thanks! Onto the chapter, this is my very first time ever editing so, I take all criticism constructively; and would love to hear from the readers if I can improve in any way. I know there are some run-on’s but I wasnt too worried about them so long as it didnt take away from the emphasis of what is happening in the story. Anyway enough talk, click here to check out the chapter! Enjoy!!