God and Devil World




God and Devil World – 神魔系统
Author: Zi Chan Bao Zeng – 资产暴增
8 Books – 1236 Chapters


In an instant it was the end of the world. Zombies and variations of monsters rampage through the world in which humans struggle for survival. Yue Zhong difficultly survives in these last days of hard struggle. When Yue Zhong and his team went through so many ordeals of dealing with zombies and monsters regaining the country, before he suddenly discovered that he only got over the first hurdle.

A World full of nuclear radiation, mutants, mutated beast, extreme shortage of supplies in the world after a nuclear explosion, rampaging dinosaurs, the dinosaurs has develop intelligent and occupied the world, and powerful races appeared that was 10 times stronger than humans. Normal bullets cannot penetrate their body. The orcs ruler has enslaved humans. Placing him in such an absolute vulnerable world, Yue struggles towards evolution.

Chapters 1-63 courtesy of Risingdragonstranslations.com

Chapters 64+ here at Chinanovel.net

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  1. although i havent read much comments about this yet i bet people have already complained about the rape, torture, etc. like the hypocrits they are.
    wake up people this is how ugly humans can be once they are free to do so!

    good story a bit slow though. thx for the translations.

    1. At the same time most of the story so far has been rape, prostitution, etc.. Little else after he established his base.

    2. Well the thing i hate about this story is that the author point of view of woman is too low, it is about as low as the ancient time of RO3Kingdom. While it is true that more men works in military field and men is stronger than woman at birth but the main reason why woman is weak in the ancient time is due to old teaching and ton of myth oppressing them.Woman can do thing much better than men in some field.

      1. I totally agree that the author’s view within his post-apocalyptic world matches ancient or medieval times; however, it makes sense to some extent in the novel. Women are weaker than men biologically (as in even if a woman works out way harder than a man, as long as the guy works out regularly, he will be stronger. A woman’s physical strength limit is significantly lower than a man’s.) and the chemicals in their brain which help to regulate emotions are less suited for “political” (for lack of a better word) leadership as they often find that type of stress difficult to manage and make decisions based off of emotions too easily (generally in a positive way like feeding the poor kids that aren’t affiliated with your group. Or showing mercy. You can’t always do that stuff.). While this definitely isn’t true for all women, it is for the vast majority. In a post apocalyptic world, where law and intelligence without strength is often worthless, women would absolutely fall to the bottom of the food chain in most groups aside from a few outstanding women leaders and those groups that realize women have a great emotional and mental importance. Is this ok? Nope. Are women actually lesser than men? Nope. Are men far more suited to a post-apocalyptic lifestyle as a general rule? Yep. In a world where power is everything, the strong eat the weak and a weak man would be of no exception, but you would see far more women on the losing side of that world. That is sort of how it was in ancient times. While i won’t lie and say that some extraordinary women weren’t suppressed in historic times, It wasn’t like this was something that happened all the time. Women had to have the support of men or they would die. At the same time, I am not exaggerating when I say that women gave men a reason to live. It was a symbiotic relationship and is meant to be. The man would fight and scheme and bleed for his ambitions, his family, his country, etc. When he came home to a loving wife who was safe and thus calm and relaxed, she in turn soothed his stress and mental strain. DO NOT underestimate the importance of this. While not as visually striking on the surface, the women played an incredible role in those times. If the men were what was holding the country on there shoulders, the women were their backbone. Behind every good man is a great woman afterall.
        You are definitely right in saying that women generally surpass men in certain fields, these fields are all based on caretakeing or intellect. However, in a world like the one portrayed, these are not terribly useful as battle potential and thus looked down on by many of the characters in the novel.
        All that to say, I think the attitude the author portrays through his characters make sense in respect to the world he constructed. Peace out.

  2. What a waste. While it is true that the story has a lot of racism elements inside, it is just a story. It may not reflect the thoughts and opinion of the author himself. And it is true that as the story goes on, the element of discrimination and racism escalate. Can’t say I blame the TL for not continuing, but I do hope someone else will eventually pick this up. It is a rough story. But it has its own charm.

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