New Original Novels coming to Halcyon!

Hey everyone, I’m excited to announce that we will be joined (very soon) by Patriarch Onion of the Onion Junktion with two ORIGINAL novels: House of Omen: The Indomitable Smitersmith, and Conclave of Tyrants: The King’s Ambivalence.

Here’s a message from Patriarch Onion:

Hi there! I’m Patriarch Onion! Founder of The Onion Junktion. We are a group of writers, artists, editors and programmers who want to show the world that not only Asia can produce wonders like Xuanhuan or manga.

We are graciously being hosted by the crew here at Halcyon Translations and we hope you enjoy our original stories. We have done stories like Titans Throne, The Solitary Sword Sovereign and Immortal Ascension Tower which have a bit of success on web sites like RR and Wattpad. If u enjoyed them then check out what we have here on Halcyon!

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