Welcome to our new site!

Hey everyone, welcome to our new site!

What’s different?

Firstly, the menu has been changed. Hovering over ‘Novels’ will bring up all of our novels, and clicking on the name of the novel will take you directly to the chapters page! This is to make life easier for all our wonderful readers. The sub-pages of each of those chapter pages contain the synopsis and other info for the novel.

Also, we’ve changed to a new host, so hopefully the website will go down less often!

Finally, the adfly links are also gone- all of them were linked to the old website, and it would have been incredibly troublesome to replace them, so we just took them out. We’ll still do a bonus chapter for the ~$70 on the adfly though 🙂

Why did we move from Chinanovel.net?

The owner of chinanovel.net has been MIA for quite a few months. After seeing what happened to Youjinsite (their website was shut down and their translations were pretty much lost), we didn’t want to risk that happening to us. As such, we moved to a new (our own) website.

Thanks for all your support, and hope you continue to enjoy our translations!

~Halcyon Translations

Mr Voltaire, WhatTranslate and Master Shadow

2 Replies to “Welcome to our new site!”

  1. Good luck with everything, really enjoying your fast speed translations and smart decision since if shURA’S WRATH IS GONE FROM MY LIFE I AM COMMITTING SUICIDE. It’s rare to find a novel that you like, i like everything in SW besides the harem and that there aint any tournament or school arcs which i like, other than that .

    Good luck Voltaire-Senpai, What-Senpai Shadow-Senpai

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