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  1. Hey first off thanks for all the chapters! I really enjoy this series.
    I noticed some grammatical errors and some repeats, i.e
    “Yue Zhong entered into slumblerland holding on to Yue Zhong.”
    I was wondering if I could help you clean up/edit , since you translating and editing must take a lot of work.

    All in all, I just want to help improve the quality for everyone whilst also contributing to a series that I enjoy.

  2. really what is that trash ahole blaming them for they never told them the villiage was safe. the scavangers just assumed so and tried to profit from their work they were told how to get stronger if they chose not to their problem

    1. Well that is pretty normal with those type of characters. They blame everything on the guys they don’t like just because.

      I still don’t understand why Yue Zhong wants to get those guns so much. As far as i remember he will dump everyone in this “safe city” and only take the few people he trusts with him who he will help get stronger according to the system

  3. Hey,
    I’m not the current translator, but I’m also very interested in this series.
    If you want, we can work together (if the current translator does not need/want our help) to MTL. I have started to MTL some already and have built up a small dictionary for words.

    If you are interested, how can I contact you?

  4. After spending so many chapters on this village.. the MC better kill these bandits.

    I understand that in this situation everyone needs to fight, you can’t feed 200+ people daily out of your good intentions. But in this scenario, women can become just as powerful as men… treating half your population as 2nd class citizens when you’re on the brink of death is stupid.

    Also, they should clearly understand that guns don’t give EXP or items (I can’t remember about items, though I think logically they should give exp) – why on earth is Tiger insisting on his guys using guns on zombies?

    I’m not saying the MC could kill the bandits/take care of every person/happy ending. He could however kill the bandits/train people to level 5-10 and leave -that’s if he is set on not staying and building the community.. which at this point is probably a better idea cause he NEEDS to do those quests.

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